Grants & Artist Residencies


2016 - Artist Residency at Cooperations, Wiltz, Luxemburg.


2016 - Artist Residency at Fennellys,

Callan, Ireland.

2012 - Production / exhibition grant at

Le Printemps de Septembre Festival, Toulouse, France.


2011 - Grant in experimental etching and printmaking, Escola Massana/
Fundació Xavier Nogués,


Exhibitions & Festivals


Light From Ashes
Prabelli Gallery, Wiltz, Nuit de Lampions Festival, Luxemburgo.

Golden Apples of the Sun
The Coffin House Gallery,

Kilkenny Arts Festival, Callan, Ireland.


Degenero, Fundación Antonio Saura,
Cuenca, Spain.


In NImbo.
collaboration with the artist Mirka Farabegoli, Derde Wall Gallery, Nijmegen, Holland.

-18 Exposiçao internacional artes Vendas Novas,Portugal.

-Chicas de pantalones azules II UCLM, Cuenca.

-Kutxac, Point8 Gallery, Bayonne, France.

-Festival Le Printemps de Septembre,
Toulouse, France.

-EXTENDIDO festival, Cuenca, Spain.

-Dfest, MATADERO Madrid, Spain.

-Vive-Arte 2012, María Nieves Martín Gallery, Badajoz, Spain.

-Presente contínuo, Fine Arts University of Morelos, Mexico.

-17 Exposição internacional artes plásticas, Vendas Novas, Portugal.

-Finalistas Pintura 2009´10, Fine arts
University of Lisbon, Portugal.

-AUDART 2011, Auditorium Theater
of Cuenca, Spain.

-Gosto de Partilha, Rua Anchieta,
Lisbon, Portugal.

-Visualizarte, Science university of Lisbon, Portugal.


Violeta Bravo


Born in Madrid 1988, she graduated in Fine Arts, BA (Hons) UCLM, Spain 2011, enjoyed grant exchange programs in Portugal and México, and artist residencies in Ireland and Luxembourg.


Studied piano and composition (1998-2004)  at EMMD, Madrid.


She has developed further studies in experimental etching and sound art, doing exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, Mexico, Ireland and Luxembourg.



Violeta Bravo artist artista dibujo drawing grabado Bio CV




Business of the visual arts world.
City University of London with Renée Pfister.
(20 hours) London.

Representing artist: Roles and
Responsibilities. Sotheby´s Art Institute

(20 hours) London.


2006- 2011
BA (Hons) Fine Art, UCLM,
Cuenca, Spain.

Bilateral student grant at UAEM,

Cuernavaca, Mexico.

2009- 2010

Erasmus grant at Universidade de
Lisboa, Portugal.



Piano and composition at Music School of Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain.



Courses and workshops

2º seminary
in experimental etching and printmaking, Escola Massana/
Fundació Xavier Nogués, (80 hours)

Sound Art atelier with Antonio Russek.
UAEM, (4 months)
Cuernavaca, México.

Relational art workshop with Julio Jara.
UCLM Cuenca. (20 hours).

A Drawing Approximation DIY
Creative drawing with Azucena Vieites.
UCLM Cuenca. (20 hours)

Seminary in vocal improvisation,
Escuela de Música de Pozuelo de Alarcón.
Málaga. (60 hours)

Fine details, metaphoric references, zoology and botanical research and chimerical-like creatures live together in an amalgamation of meanings in my work.

From an always ongoing process of fragmentation and reconstruction, I reflect about the internal-external dialogue and the dichotomies in ourselves,

observing with curiosity the highlights and dark corners of humankind and all living beings and digesting them into hybrid characters.

I´m particularly interested in and investigating the figure of The Traveller, being quite nomadic myself, I conceive this character as a mirror, a synthesis and an observer of my living and memory habits in every different country that I´ve lived in.

© Photo by Paloma Tendero